Happy Tenants Pay Happily

Why rent from Altiru?

We see you as a person worthy of our respect. We know that your rent is one of the biggest expenses in your budget. We are driven to provide good service and well-maintained properties so that you will experience a deep satisfaction that your rent is every Rand well spent.

We Care

You are not just a number, someone to pay off the owner’s bond. We sincerely want you to enjoy your stay throughout the duration of your lease.

We are Understanding

We understand that sometimes life throws a curved ball at you that can complicate things. Talk to us when it happens, and together we search for a way forward.

Comprehensive Inspections

We compile detailed inspections reports that evaluates the floor, walls, cupboards, windows, ceilings and fixtures of each room, supplemented by clear photographs of any issues that we pick up. This report, along with recommendations to the owner, is sent to both the landlord and the tenant, and is also available on our website in the tenant portal.

We Value High Calibre People

If you appreciate an attractive property and you are willing to pay your rent in full and on time, we have a match made in heaven.

Your Deposit is Safe

Your deposit is kept aside in a trust account where it is protected by law.

You Build Your Own Reputation

Every month we notify TPN of your rental payment profile. TPN is a registered credit bureau that keeps track of how tenants pay their rent – on time and in full, or a bit late, or whether a tenant perhaps defaults or absconds. By establishing a good record of paying in full and on time, you will make yourself highly attractive when you want to rent your next property.

Tenants Are Happy with Us

We treat you with decency and respect, backed by good & reponsive service & accurate accounts. We expect you to return the favour by paying well, acting responsibly and communicating timeously when issues arise.

Monthly Account Statements

You will receive a monthly invoice shortly before month-end reminding you of your rent due as well as any other costs like water & electricity. You will also receive an email after you’ve made payment confirming that your payment has been received.

Good Property Condition

As far as possible we work hard to convince landlords to maintain their properties well. Most of the properties on our book look fantastic. When a maintenance issue arises we will take care of it in an efficient and professional manner.

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