About Us

Altiru Properties is the perfect choice for your property portfolio.

Our History

Altiru Properties was established in 2008 by Francois Smit to manage a private portfolio of residential properties that he co-owns. Fuelled by a desire to holistically optimise not only his investments, but also the experience of tenants, he pursued a somewhat different route than most agents out there. Placing a high value on relationships, he decided to treat tenants like mature and responsible adults who deserve good service for the largest single expense on their budget. He displayed an interest in the tenant’s life, and discovered that a little bit of a personal relationship makes an enormous difference to tenant behaviour. Key negative metrics like unpaid rent, vacancy rates and damage to property dropped to almost zero, while positive metrics like unsolicited compliments, net yield and cashflow all improved substantially.

Achieving success, clients (from another business) and friends started to take note and pressed him to also manage their properties. Altiru Properties registered as an estate agency in September 2012, with Francois Smit as the principal, and the doors were opened to discerning investors.

The core ethos of investing in solid relationships continues to permeate the business.

Francois holds B.Eng, M.Eng and M.A. degrees, and is a Master Practitioner of Real Estate.

Focus Markets

The focus of Altiru Properties can be defined along the three axes of Types of Landlords, Types of Properties and Geographical Area.


Types of Landlords

Landlords with a portfolio of properties. We have the ability to handle a portfolio of properties spread throughout Gauteng under one roof by one team. We have experience in running portfolios of up to 20 properties, and will feel comfortable managing up to 50 properties in a single portfolio. Altiru Properties can analyse your portfolio on an annual basis on aspects like portfolio composition, risk, yield, cashflow, gearing etc and provide you with solid feedback as an input to your strategic planning for your portfolio.

Landlords living overseas or outside of Gauteng will find us your ideal partner. We know first-hand your particular need for quality communication and a competent, honest agent who will treat your property as well as he would his own. You need an agent who can be responsive and responsible when it comes to maintenance issues, an agent who will communicate timeously with you and keep you well in the loop when there is an issue that needs to be addressed, an agent who provides regular and accurate statements, an agent who can give you solid advice on a variety of matters. Altiru Properties is that agent.

Investors still cutting their teeth on their first few investment properties – assisting you with practical advice on aspects like sensible investment options, portfolio composition, yield, cashflow management & legal structures.

Types of Properties
Our first focus is on townhouses & flats that can be let for R5,000 to R15,000 per month. This is the typical investment property, and represents most of our properties.

Our second focus is on cluster homes and stand-alone houses that can be let from R8,000 to R20,000 per month. Around 20-25% of the properties we currently manage fall in this category.

Geographical Focus
Altiru Properties manages properties throughout the Northern half of the Gauteng province.

Our primary focus is the following areas:
– Pretoria East
– Centurion
– Midrand

That said, we have successfully placed tenants and are actively managing properties in the following areas:

– Sandton
– Randburg
– Kempton Park
– Pretoria North

What we do NOT manage
– Student accommodation or inner-city properties, preferring to leave them to area specialists.
– High-end golf & lifestyle estate (e.g. Silver Lakes, Woodhill, Blue Valley etc).
– Commercial buildings
– Holiday letting