Optimising Investment Returns

Why let your property through Altiru Properties?

Altiru Properties has a proud history of providing excellent value to Landlords who entrust their properties’ management to us. Below follows some reasons for their high levels of satisfaction.

Our Track Record

Over the last three financial years we report unpaid rent of less than 0.5%.

Disciplined Approach

We have various means of ensuring tenants pay well. They receive an invoice prior to month-end indicating what is due. Each tenant’s payment behaviour (good & bad) is recorded on TPN Rental Payment Profile (a registered credit bureau) and they are encouraged to establish a track record as good and regular payers. Incidents of late payment are met with a Letter of Demand, and they are contacted to determine if there is an issue and how it will be addressed. We can blacklist tenants that persist with non-payment on ITC.

Comprehensive Inspections

We compile detailed inspections reports that evaluates the floor, walls, cupboards, windows, ceilings and fixtures of each room, supplemented by clear photographs of any issues that we pick up. This report, along with recommendations to the owner, is sent to both the landlord and the tenant, and is also available on our website in the landlard portal.

Tenants Are Happy with Us

Since we treat them with decency and respect, backed by good & reponsive service & accurate accounts, tenants know they are in good hands. They return the favour by paying well, acting responsibly and communicating timeously when issues arise. Even when tenants sometimes behave like naughty children, we continue to treat them like adults and voice our expectations of a responsible and mature response. This greatly reduces the risk of negative behaviours.

Focused on residential letting

This is what we do best, and this is the space we want to continue to grow in. We don’t really like the hit-and-run nature of property sales, and prefer the relationship-oriented world of rentals. The odd sales opportunity crossing our path might be utilised, but this is not what we want to focus on.

Sorting Out Maintenance Issues

We understand that maintenance is a “necessary evil”. Executed well, appropriate maintenance will leave your property looking fresh and appealing, attracting premium rent. Ignore it, and it comes back to bite you, often when you can least afford it. We can offer our experience in renovating, maintaining and emergency repairs to help alleviate you from the painful aspects of performing maintenance.

Portfolio Management

We have the ability to handle a portfolio of properties spread throughout Gauteng under one roof by one team. We have experience in running portfolios of up to 20 properties, and will feel comfortable managing up to 50 properties in a single portfolio. Altiru Properties can analyse your portfolio on an annual basis and provide you with solid feedback as an input to your strategic planning for your portfolio.

Superior Communication

We know how important it is to keep you in the loop in all matters regarding your property so that you are still in control. You will receive monthly statements showing exactly when and how much was received from the tenant and how the money was then distributed. Soon we will have a landlord portal on this website that will provide you with copies of the latest lease agreement, inspection reports and a maintenance log. We will inform you when a tenant has cancelled his lease, when a new tenant has been found, when an inspection was done, when a maintenance issue has been reported and when it has been resolved, and whenever any issues arise.

Quality of Our Tenants

Our tenants are mostly high calibre people who pay well and take care of your property which they call their home. We select carefully since we are as concerned as you are about the experience we will have with them throughout the lease agreement. Quite frankly, we’d rather leave a place vacant for a month than place a poor tenant. Fortunately this happens very seldom.

Responsible Property Management

We will treat your property like we do our own. In general, a well-maintained and attractive property will attract premium rent, resulting in the optimal yield on your investment from both a nett rental income and a capital appreciation perspective.

The Ideal Partner for Landlords Living Overseas or Outside of Gauteng

Altiru Properties has a proud history of providing excellent value to Landlords who entrust their properties’ management to us. Below follows some reasons for their high levels of satisfaction.

Accurate Rental Valuation

Many people have a poor idea of the current rental market, especially after strong growth over the last few years. We will advise you on an appropriate price that will maximise your yield but is still fair toward the tenant.

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