Investors Club

For the members of the Altiru Investors Club we actively search for investment-grade properties that may become available for sale. Whenever we find such an opportunity we first visit and analyse the property to ensure that it adequately measures up to the high standards we set, and then present it to Investors Club members for an exclusive period before the property becomes available on the open market. Members are invited to acquire the property as part of their investment portfolio.

We consider a large number of factors to assess the desirability of a property from an investor’s point of view. Here are just some of the contributing factors we assess to determine if a property will achieve our high-level investment goals:

  • High yield – low levies per square meter, low expected maintenance costs, premium rent possible, avoid complexes in estates with double levies
  • High capital growth – location, competent body corporate, neatness of complex
  • Desirable to many tenants – well-maintained, quality of finishes, security, adequate and comfortable parking, appealing layout of unit & complex
  • Low vacancy rate – desirable finishes, good location in complex, popularity of neighborhood, good perceived value for money, low traffic hassles
  • Low hassle factor – complex has >20 units, prepaid electricity, well maintained
  • Low risk – rental in the sweet zone, prepaid electricity, good complex financials, upkeep of the complex infrastructure

Membership of the Altiru Investors Club costs only R2500 per year. For your membership you will receive:

  • Peace of mind that you will be making a wise investment when buying a qualified property through the Investors Club
  • Exclusive access to a regular stream of investment-grade properties to purchase
  • An exclusive period for Club members to acquire a property before it becomes available on the open market
  • Additional in-depth information on each property not found on typical agency listings to help you assess a property and weigh your options, such as
    • Yield (gross and net)
    • Expected rental income
    • Expected expenses
    • Indicative score for various desirability aspects like location, security, condition, parking & traffic
    • Maintenance and renovation aspects
    • A description of the property that weighs up the pros and cons from an investor’s point of view
  • Access to quality articles on diverse aspects of property investment, and 50% discount on seminars Altiru Properties is planning on topics like financial wisdom, investment structures, successfully building a property portfolio etc. This is a future development.
  • 50% rebate on your membership fee upon registration of the 1st property bought through Altiru Properties
  • 25% rebate for each person referred to the Club who then becomes a member (valid up to 4 referrals)

Join the Investors Club for the Exclusive Opportunity to Acquire Investment-Grade Properties Available to Members Only.

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