Balancing Yield, Risk and Cashflow
Acquiring Investment Grade Properties
Optimising Investment Returns
Happy Tenants Pay Happily
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We will treat your property like we do our own. We achieve our success by following a relationship-oriented approach, placing high quality tenants, utilising solid management systems, providing excellent service, performing maintenance and taking care of landlord concerns & preferences.


Acquiring Investment Grade Properties

Grow your portfolio with investment-grade properties that leave you satisfied even after 10 and 20 years.

We have developed a set of criteria that define the kind of property that excels over the long term in an investment portfolio. Join the Altiru Investors’ Club to acquire quality properties before they reach the open market.

We Find Investment-Grade Properties for You

Your property is a precious investment that provides you an income and your tenant a home.

Realising your investment’s full value requires balancing yield, cash flow and risk. This is our field of expertise. We work to optimise investment returns while reducing various risks by providing a quality service based on competence, honest and a value for relationships. We find high caliber tenants that pay the best possible rent.

We make investment properties a joy to own


Optimising Investment Returns


Happy Tenants Pay Happily

Your home is your resting place.

It’s the space where you relax, laugh, entertain and sleep. It has to be secure & neat, backed by good service from your agent. That’s what you pay for, right?

We nurture a mutually respectful, pleasant relationship with you. We want to ensure a smooth stay throughout your tenancy, and do so by providing a well-maintained property and responsive service.

After All, Happy Tenants Pay Happily

Altiru Properties is large enough to have decent systems and processes in place, yet small enough to deliver the smaller services that make all the difference.

Personal Yet Professional

Never Exploit

Communicate Well


Honest & Transparent

Compassionate & Fair

Continuously Learn & Apply

We nurture a mutually respectful, pleasant relationship with you.